This year the Corvinus Közgáz Ensemble also initiates it’s Reinforcement group

“Momentum, professionalism … CORVINUS!”

We expect you,

  • if you’ve been dancing and you are missing rehearsals, parties, training camps
  • if you have never danced before, but you want to. Find new friends
  • if you like folk music and folk dance
  • if the dance is an exciting program for you.

Our services:

  • Recreation, entertainment, building a community, keeping the values safe.

Our instructors:

  • Inci Deffend / Soloist at the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble and artistic director of the CKN Ensemble
  • Takács Gábor (Taki) /Soloist at the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble

Initial dance material:

  • Dances from Vajdaszentivány

The student of Corvunis University of Budapest may also choose this course as physical education course on Neptun!


BE CAREFUL !!! More than a course, this is the youth group of CORVINUS!
Here you have to move, you have to force yourself, you have to fight for the knowledge! There is no relaxaton, just sweaty exercise. We are not lying!